About the Artist

As a trained performer, Dani tries to bring the beauty of music, dance and theatre into her visual art designs.
Dani studied design at Algonquin College, but is mainly a self taught artist; choosing to use the time tested method of trial and error to further the creative process. She has worked in a variety of media – painting, sketching or sculpting – but found her true passion in pyrography.
“There is something especially connective and almost spiritual in the process of using modern tools in the creation of an ancient craft”, she says.
All of Dani’s designs are original and her work is done by hand (no laser engravers) so each piece is truly unique. Working in natural materials like leather, wood and cork, she will often examine the grain and/or markings that exist naturally, then build the design from there, sometimes using colour stain to further enhance its motif.
“The material already has an image in it. I just help to bring it out”.
Dani’s favourite pieces are those she works on with her husband, Dave. Specifically those made with reclaimed and cast-off materials. She is often found digging through the ‘end cut’ boxes at her local hardwood store or scouting through thrift shops to find the unloved pieces that she can beautify while Dave searches for unneeded hardwood pallets to cut and strip and turn into something new.
When not creating in her studio or with the theatre community, Dani can be found choreographing and teaching for ®Broadway Workout* classes, or puttering around her home in Perth with her two floofy pups.

*If you would like to have more information about ®Broadway Workout, please visit http://www.broadwayworkout.ca

“I had noticed that Dani had some ukuleles in stock, so I asked her to make a design reminiscent of Hawaii, and to include my husband’s name on the piece. She promptly drew up a design for my approval and sent it to me. It was just right so I commissioned her to proceed with the project. When I picked it up from her at a local craft show, I was floored by how beautiful it was and I couldn’t wait to give it to my husband! He loves it! Thank you Dani for making such a beautiful gift for him.”

Monique E
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